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Sunday, May 17, 2009

YoYo Cafe

Salam, atas pmintaan en Publyc Enemi (PE), nih aku reviewkan yoyo kat cni..org2 kk mmg familiar hbs ngan yoyo nih..btul kan???

ni aku copy n paste jer dari web dorg..
About Yoyo Cafe;
yoyo café sdn. bhd. is established in year 2000. the idea came out from the view that there is still room for improvement regardless in taste, hygiene, quality and services that being offered in local food and beverage industry.

despite of introducing the most popular taiwan beverage, pearl milky tea, we, as well introduce a comprehensive business management concept in order to provide a clean, hygienic and relax hang out environment for the local.

currently, we have three branches in town. We are expecting more cafés in near future to provide more services to the convenient of our valued customers.

Iced Cocoa, my fav..

Yoyo kat CP, tpt lepak dulu2..

Yoyo damai

Yoyo Lintas

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